2020 Testing Cycles, Graduation details & tip colours

Explanation of how our new tipping system will work, when in comes into effect as well as how the colours work.

As the vast majority of members and parents already know we have been mentioning a new and better way to manage and monitor the students that are working towards obtaining their next belt levels and how the new tipping system will work. This new way of doing the tips and testing will work hand in hand with our new attendance cards that will be replacing the existing cards and with the sign in screen that we have. All these three areas will back each other up in support of students working towards their next belt rank.

With immediate effect all new members will be on the new system, existing members will start transferring over from the February onwards tests once they have achieved their new belts and we hope to have every member on this from after the 2nd belt test of 2020. What will happen is we will no longer put members through a formal Tip Test every 8-10 weeks but will instead receive an attendance tip for every session they turn up to except specific sessions which will be mentioned shortly. This helps to ensure that every member is attending the same minimum required sessions in between testing periods as it should be.

The Tikes programme members need to receive 18 Tips before being able to attend a test cycle. This is 3 different colours which will consist of 6 of each colour.

6-12 Years programmes and above members need to receive 24 Tips before being able to attend a test cycle. This will be 3 different colours that will consist of 8 of each colour. This applies to members up to receiving their blue belt red stripe.

If going for your Full Red Belt and Red Belt Black Stripe they will require 30 Attendance tips (10 of Each Colour). They will then receive a fourth colour single tip which will tell the student, the coach and the parent that they are now ready to take part in the next test cycle when it comes around. There are 11 test cycles throughout the year as shown on the attached sheet. On average a member training 2 or more times a week should be ready to test every 3-4 months until one grade before black belt which should be a minimum of 6 months. If a student for whatever reason is training once a week this is very often longer. Try to remember it’s not just about thinking you know it. It is about refining it. For example: the black belt gradings have longer gaps between each black belt level and these get longer with each Dan grade you go for. It’s not about well I know all my patterns. If this was the case, I would have been a 9th Dan a very long time ago.

Tip Colours

The three colours for attendance tips are:
YELLOW – Early Stages
GREEN – Intermediate Stages
BLUE – Higher Stage
This is then followed up by a RED Tip to indicate to all that they are ready for the testing stage. Testing stages take place over a two-week period that has been allocated and only once testing fees and forms have been returned. Once the testing stage has been completed and the instructor is satisfied the student will be given a Black tip to signify that they have passed and can graduate.

Graduation day will take place generally a week after the testing cycle. This is for students who passed to attend along with family and friends where they will be presented with the new belt and certificate and we will have soft drinks and nibbles on for everyone as well as hot drinks for parents. No belt will be awarded to a student in class until on or after graduation day. This whole period from first official lesson through to graduation takes place with a minimum period of 13 weeks (3 Months) between belts provided you are training twice a week at least and keeping training regular and consistent. If you miss a lesson you can catch them up apart of course for the Christmas break.

In the event you are unsuccessful in the test cycle you will only have 2-3 weeks before the next test cycle instead of the 8-10 weeks we had before. Obviously, you do not pay a retest fee if unsuccessful as we just carry it over to the next one.

GOING FOR RED BELT PLUS? – if you are going for your red belt or higher you will go through a much more formal belt test to prepare you mentally for your black belt test.