Our Age-Appropriate Programme is the Best and First Step For Your Child

If you are looking for a path for your child to gain confidence and discipline, our Kids Martial Arts programme is the one for you. We will guide you as your child evolves in many aspects. We have classes which cater from 3 years old up to 12 years old, we want to ensure that each child can reach their full potential and feel comfortable with fellow students, so please find the most suitable and age appropriate class for your child below.

Ninja Cubs

AGE GROUP: 3-4 Years

Sessions involving fun exercises and drills to help build coordination, balance and develop motor skills. These classes are designed to give them an introduction to martial arts while building their foundational skills and making new friends. They will learn basic martial arts skills through games and drills, enabling them to progress through a belt system which helps them develop a sense of accomplishment while building their confidence.